Synth Case

A while back I discovered Quarterly Co. It’s like Lootcrate but with a variety of different themed packages put together by celebrities and popular bloggers. Bill Nye had a package so of course I had to subscribe. A few weeks later I finally received my Quarterly Co package from The Science Guy! The package included a DIY Synth Kit. The DIY Synth Kit looked like it’d be cool to play with, but I thought it’d be even cooler if it didn’t look like a bunch of wires everywhere, so I decided to make a case for it.

The instructions for the synth had three different variations that could be made, but only one was available at the time, so I designed the case so that I could easily remove all the components to change the configuration. The entire case was a total of eight components: Body (1), Battery top (1), Battery cover (1), Knob locks (3), Cover (1), and Speaker cover (1). I had some extra components from a past project, so I added an on/off switch. I also didn’t feel like soldering so I thought it’d be a great chance to test out some electric paint. The paint didn’t feel very secure so I added the tape just in case.